Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Journey Begins

As people know by now, I never post pictures from a particular trip in chronological order. I kind of tried with the Polish trip with that ‘First Night in Poland’ blog and picture but really, I’d already taken some 80 odd pictures before even that. I’m referring of course to the journey on the way to Poland and this is one of the very, very first. Standing on board a moving ferry is probably the last place you would ever see recommended in any HDR tutorial to practice HDR shooting but with good light and the alignment feature on Photomatix, there aren’t many places you can’t have a go at HDR. Having said that, I did work on today’s picture for at least 4 hours, cleaning up in Photoshop some of the problems caused by picturing in bright sunshine on a moving ferry. And like my ‘Polish Village’ blog the other day, this is also an HDR from 2 shots. I figured that the +2 bracketed shot was simply too bright and wouldn’t add anything at all to the finished picture. To get the finished look, I also used the Bi-Color filter option in Nik Color Efex 3.

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