Thursday, August 9, 2012

Finding Salvation

Ever since my blog a few weeks ago about where I want to go with my photography, I've been thinking about going in directions I never thought I would. Since I bought my D700 with a F2.8 24-70mm lens a couple of months ago, it dawned on me that having these 2 bits of equipment means I can become a Nikon registered professional user. I finally did my registration yesterday and am glad to say I am now a professional user but becoming this intrigued me a little. I've spent so much money on my photography (haven't we all!?) and now have professional equipment. Isn't time I started to make some money back? Even just a little? I have always wanted to be good and successful at photography doing what I pretty much have been doing, taking architectural and landscape shots, whilst being creative with them at the image processing stage. I'm in my thirties now and don't live in dreamland (my fiancé will disagree with me on that one), I know that relying solely on this approach could take years to recoup any substantial benefit, though I have sold a few pictures at exhibitions and local shops. But I am drawn now to want to make money from ways I never thought I would such as weddings and events. The idea of wedding photography never really did it for me, but having seen some stunning wedding photography out there (and I particularly recommend Catherine Hall's website I really feel that I am starting to get inspired by it. I have taken a few wedding pictures in the past (see my facebook page) but having also seen some local examples of what people pay for, I simply feel that I could offer a lot more. Just thoughts I've been having anyway, I'd be a very happy person to get paid for taking pictures.

Today's picture is another one of mine from Lacock Abbey that I visited last weekend. Having just mentioned getting my D700 recently, I have also learnt with this that I can't really get away with shots that I used to. For instance, I used to do a lot of handheld HDR (often because I would be out with other people and would not want to annoy them or slow everyone down) but with the lack of Vibration Reduction (VR) on the ridiculously expensive lens I bought and the weight of it all now, I can't really get away with doing handheld HDR anymore. The more exposed images simply come out a tad too shaky, which makes the HDR difficult to look sharp. Therefore, I think more single shot images like this one will come out of my Lacock Abbey collection rather than HDR's. The D700 I think will certainly make me a better photographer, as it won't let you take shortcuts to getting a good picture as I probably have in the past with the lighter weight equipment. I am looking at going on some photography courses as well soon, because apart from reading books, it's probably about time I took it seriously and learnt some proper photography!

Photo details: f/4.5, 0.001s, 32mm, ISO 200


  1. This Blog was so interesting I had to add my 2 pence (hope you don't mind)

    I think whatever line of Photography you choose to go ahead and pursue you will be way ahead of the average and be able to demand the average pay if not more.

    Imagine what you can do with some super expensive glass that's super sharp and grabs all that light (well that's how I always look at it) I am off on holiday in a week to test this camera and crappy lens to the limit as this is the best time of year for light. I think it could be the end of the camera and lens lol find its limits like you did with the P90.

    If there were any inspiration, look at the amazing Olympic pictures that have been taken.

    They have been on all new Canon 1D X and there L lens series of course and there are some amazing pictures.

    Where to fit in, where to fit in??? What do I love most, What do I love most??? such tricky questions in an industry that is infinite.

    I say go for it pal what ever you choose, cos when you have them nippers you won't have time for anything : ) : ) : )

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Matt, great to see you on here! Your comment has inspired me to change the name of this blog, as it made me realise I get good responses from people, when I share my thoughts on photography as a whole, rather than just discussing the picture I have posted.

    I appreciate it you telling me I would be way ahead of average in whatever line of photography I choose. That's very kind. It's just something I've been thinking about doing the wedding photography, so have already got my first book and as I said in the blog, will look to go on a course this Autumn as well.

    And yes some of the pictures coming out of the Olympics have been staggering! The Times has posted a fantastic picture on their front page everyday since the games began and they have been hugely inspiring. There's so many different types of photography I want to do! Make myself a few bob doing the weddings and perhaps I could afford all the glass to get into the sports action (ditto wildlife)!

  3. I always thought you would be the greatest conservationist/stroke/Ranger. I think we must both make the effort to buy macro lens for the Winter and go hunting little critters. I have realised that digital photography really does macro very well.

    I would love to see how weddings go for you!? very competitive! But your pics are way better than the wedding photos you have been to so far so I think it would be a walk in the park for you. Specially as you have the processing advantage over everyone. : )