Sunday, August 12, 2012

Quintessentially English

You can't really tell from looking at the picture on the net but that's exactly what the shop name in the middle of these buildings reads. I thought it would be a good title for this post. This is another one taken from Lacock village in Wiltshire last weekend and is a single RAW image HDR. I don't shoot too many of them, though don't have a problem either using one for an HDR image instead of the full bracketed set. There is so much unnecessary debate (IMHO) out there regarding what is a real HDR and what isn't. I take the line of photographers who judge it more on what the picture looks like, than the technicalities of production. Everybody knows the 'HDR' look and this is why people love HDR photography, not whether they used proper HDR techniques or not to get the shot. "Oh no, it's a tonemapped image, not an HDR!" they say. Come on, it's all the same really. I once had a guy email me on Flickr saying I shouldn't be labelling my civil war pictures 'HDR' because they were single images not bracketed shots, and that I should therefore be labelling them 'Pseudo-HDR'. Get out of here! Such a boring and pointless thing to address me with, I'm pretty sure he corrects everyone where he lives when they say hoover instead of vacuum cleaner. As I said last week though, it's extremely difficult to do hand-held HDR shots with the weighty D700, therefore more than a few of the images from Lacock (and I have already posted a few) will be taken from single images, whether they are HDR or not.

An old teenage dream died of mine last night, when I finally realised I have no more passion or want to record music. It was my ambition for many years to be able to record music for a living and have always wanted to combine music with photography, since the photography ambition came around. I had planned to create a slideshow for today's blog but a few hours recording music yesterday reminded me of how frustrating it can be and I did eventually give up. I just don't have the burning desire for it anymore and processing today's picture for 20 minutes afterwards was a much happier and rewarding experience. This is truly where my heart lies now. I may still use a couple of tracks I recorded months ago for slideshows but I doubt I will record anymore. Should I want to create slideshows I will just cut together pre-recorded tracks on Logic Express.

Talking Photo with Pete Halewood

You may or may not have noticed a change in the blog title this morning. I have decided to change the name of the blog from 'The Photographic World of Pete Halewood' to 'Talking Photo with Pete Halewood'. The original title I felt was always a bit inaccurate for this blog but didn't really know what else to call it. I love sharing my views on photography as well as posting pictures and find this often inspires readers to comment as well. Therefore, the new title is more reflective of the nature of this blog and makes much more sense. I hope you agree!

Photo details: f/5.6, 0.0005s, 24mm, ISO 200

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