Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day at the Museum

The museum in this case being the world famous and historic British Museum in London. This is a photograph I took many months ago, while in the capital for a Christmas bash last year. It is a 3-shot HDR image, but at the very last moment (as I was preparing this blog), I decided to see what it would look like in Black & White, as the colour version just seemed a bit 'normal'. I began processing it further in Silver Efex Pro 2 and thought it's best look was this drawing-type, vintage look. I finished it off by adjusting the shadow colour in Lightroom.

I have an announcement to make on Thursday this week, so hope you will all come back to the blog then!


  1. Something quite different this Pete! Interesting though none the less. Not a big fan of light vignettes, I prefer dark versions. Blimey, did I just critique your image?!

    This is a place I must visit one day soon.

    Intrigued about your announcement on Thursday!

  2. Thanks for your comments Tim and indeed thanks for the critique! I completely agree with you, I didn't want to add the light vignette but it appears to be automatic with that preset in Silver Efex Pro. I tried to counteract this in Lightroom but couldn't make much impact without it looking ruined. If you know anyway to prevent the automatic light vignette, I'd be delighted to hear it?

  3. Pete, you have definitely come up with an interesting finish to this image. It seems to fit rather well with the detail in the ceiling and the shadow on the back wall.

    I believe you can override the vignette in Silver Efex. Towards the bottom of the sliders panel are the options for toning, vignetees and borders. You should be able to override any of the individual effects that make up the preset.

  4. Thanks for your comments Mark, really appreciate them. I went back and had a look on Silver Efex and yes did not even realise some of the bars at the bottom were expandable. I always credit Lightroom for the amount of control you can have over a picture but Silver Efex Pro is not lacking at all! There's plenty more control than I realised (admittedly I do not use it that much). I'm not sure I will go back and edit this picture as it is what it is and I've said many times on here before I am not a fan of re-processing a picture. Thanks again though, your comment was very helpful.