Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cuckmere Gate

First of all, apologies for the blog being so late in the day. I have spent the best part of the last 2 days in Germany and had no wifi access as expected, therefore could not upload a blog. Anyway, I'm sure you are not that interested in that story, so I'll just get on with the photo.

This landscape picture is from Cuckmere Haven in East Sussex. If you read this blog regularly, you will know that the Grass Snake photo I posted on sunday was also taken at Cuckmere Haven. It was for landscape pictures that I went to this place though, and despite visiting during the middle of the day (any advice you read saying you can only take landscape pictures at dawn or dusk should be promptly treated as suspicious, as I think this warrants a crime against your creativity as a photographer), I came away with some pleasing (my opinion of course) photographs. The main attraction is the winding river as it makes its way to the English Channel, which is great to picture from the heights of the surrounding hills. If you stop and look around though, you will find other little gems to picture in the area and this little gate and small waterway made me think of the English countryside, which of course it is a part of.

This is a non-HDR picture, and although I did take 5 bracketed exposures of this scene, I just felt in post-processing that it didn't need the HDR treatment. However, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to find out what it might look like either.....


  1. Hey Pete!

    No wifi? Nightmare. Luckily our villa in Florida had complimentary Verizon wifi. Quick as well. First thing I looked for when we walked in! That's a bit sad really.

    Nice picture here! I think a non HDR image is good for the soul occasionally! I like the intersecting and leading lines here and the sky is cool.

  2. Thanks for the comment Tim! Yes, no wifi, I had the picture ready and everything, just needed to write the blog which I planned to do in Germany, so yes having no internet was a big problem. There was supposed to be wifi but it was one of those crappy hotel ones, that says it has wifi but in reality was useless.

    Yes I liked the sky in this scene as well, the reason I gave it more 'air time' than I usually would in a daytime picture.