Sunday, October 7, 2012

One Half of a Happy Couple

Yes I am back!! Don't want to overdo the emotion on that, I wasn't gone that long. But still, it was a well needed break from blogging and photography, as a way of focusing on my wedding and also to recharge my photographic batteries, so to speak.

So yes there is a big change in my life now, I have since my last blog post, become a married man. The wedding took place last weekend in the village of Krzeszów in south-west Poland. We were married in an absolutely stunning and long-named (of which I cannot remember the full name now) Basilica, but very soon there will be pictures of this special holy place. There are many pictures I took out in Poland, so unlike other times this year, I should not be short of 'material' for a while. I am spending this weekend in Eastbourne as well, so expect quite a few photos to pop up from here in the next few weeks.

Today's picture is one I took the day after the wedding. You would think that I set this shot up, but you would be wrong. My new wife's sister set up our room which we were staying in Poland like this, to celebrate our marriage and just as I was about to go out for the next day's celebrations (2 day wedding celebrations in Poland), I noticed the sun was beaming through the window and onto the bottle of champagne. At about the same time a big light bulb appeared above my head and I knew there was a great shot here. So whilst I did take several pictures from different angles, this picture is one that I knew even from the back of the camera, was the winner.

I hope you like it anyway, I will be resuming normal service now, back on Tuesday, and every Thursday and Sunday after that. It's good to be back!


  1. Congratulations Pete to you and your wife. Wishing you both every happiness. The photograph looks great.

  2. Welcome back to the world of blogging Pete! Nice image and congratulations again!

  3. Thank you both for the kind comments! Good to see you both back on here and looking forward to posting regularly again!