Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Helter Skelter

Catching up from missing my usual Tuesday slot, I unfortunately had 'things' to deal with, mainly evolving around having to leave at midday yesterday, to head to London to see Black Sabbath! Was an amazing gig, but it came at the price of my blog post yesterday (plus of course all the money it cost me).

So I just want to post something quickly today, as I am still short of time, but have to make up for yesterday. I took this picture over 2 years ago at Bournemouth Beach, and originally posted it on my first photographic website In all honesty, it looked awful and I have always wanted to go back to it, though having done so now, I think I am done with it. I have given it a bit of a mixed HDR/realistic look, but the nature of the raw files (I took this with a D90), and my poor composition skills at the location, mean I think it will never be as I vision it in my head. Still, it's nice to have it done and move on. See you tomorrow (don't judge me if the blog post arrives in the evening)!

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