Saturday, December 28, 2013

Puppy Love

Something a bit different for today, Pet photography. I should say 'my pet' photography, as I'm not setting up a Pet photography business. This is mine and my wife's Cockapoo puppy called Chester, who we have had for 2 and a half months now. He has been spoilt rotten over Christmas with gifts, but it's lovely to have my first Christmas with a pet. He is very much apart of our family now.

This was taken over a month ago in Savernake Forest, and though it is not my ambition to make him a regular model for my photographs, there were some scenes in the forest that made themselves for a picture. Like hoisting him up on to this fallen tree trunk. Now as you can see from the original RAW file below, we did not put his safety at risk, he was fully attached to his lead at all times (with wife very close by out of the picture). I have used Photoshop as you probably guessed to erase his lead. If you click on either of the picture, you can then do a comparison using the left and right arrows.

2014 is fast approaching it's end, and that leaves me with one more post for the year, which will appear on New Years Eve.

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  1. Lovely picture Pete, beautifully processed. The healing and cloning features in CC are really good, an improvement from CS6 i think. I daren't show my daughter this post - she would love a dog like this!