Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dubai Lights II

Back in Dubai today then, and here is my second long exposure shot from the the beach of the Fairmont Palm hotel on the Palm Jumeirah. The reason I want to post a few shots of this scene, is that different exposures and different angles bring out different results. Unlike the last 'Dubai Lights' photo for instance, this exposure kept the lights largely on the sea itself rather than coming all the way to the small waves. This gives a different shape to the lights, and I think I personally prefer this version.

There are perhaps 1 or 2 'Dubai Lights' pictures to come, though they won't all appear at once. There will be something a bit different on Thursday, though I haven't quite decided what yet.

Tip of the day: I dare you to share a negative opinion about the Winter Olympics on Twitter, and watch how you get hounded out for it, from people you don't know (and some you do!).


  1. Another great shot Pete! Crisp, sharp and lovely colours. Might I suggest you try cloning out the line in the water lower left corner? A little distracting?

    Look forward to some more Dubai shots.

  2. Thanks for the comment Tm. I hadn't really thought of that water line to be honest but thanks for mentioning it. Might post this one to other social media sites, and see what the reaction is there.