Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Evening Mist

There's been quite a lot going on in the photographic world recently with the announcement of the Nikon D4 and D800. For the last couple of years my realistic dream camera has been to own a D700 which has been out for quite a few years now and everybody knew that a replacement was fairly imminent. Now the D800 has been released, I have a new goal of ideal camera I'd like to own. I know there has been a lot of talk as well about the future of DSLR's and 'mirrorless' cameras appearing on the scene and I think it will be interesting to see how things look in a couple of years, but personally I can't see DSLR's disappearing. My own personal concern at the moment is simply to take more pictures. I'm in one of those periods where although I have hundreds and hundreds of potential pictures on my hard drive, I feel like I'm running low on 'material'. Like most photographers I'm sure, the ratio of photos I take compared to the ones that get processed is incredibly small and it's definitely a case of quality over quantity. That's why it feels a bit like I'm running on low. I'm going through a lot of the archives at the moment to find those overlooked 'gems'!

Today's picture was one I took a few weeks ago while out on my canal walk in Hungerford, Berkshire. There are lots of fields adjacent to the canal and I took a quick detour from picturing the sunset over the canal to picture this field that already started to gather the evening mist.


  1. Lovely picture Pete! Beautiful mist.

    I'm the same Pete. Loads of images taking up too much room on my hard drives but a small percentage makes it to the blog. I need to have a good cull soon.

    I hope you achieve your dream camera soon! I'm patiently waiting for Canon to announce the 5D MKII successor. Come on Canon!