Thursday, February 23, 2012

Home by the River

The River Thames that flows through Southern England has been quite a theme of my pictures recently and this is one to add to the collection. This is another picture from my trip last weekend to the Windsor area and another that was pictured in the village of Datchet in Berkshire. Datchet is one of the many towns and villages that the river Thames passes and there is some beautiful sights to be seen as it flows by. I have no idea if this is somebody's home (I suspect so) or is an office of some sort but it's difficult to know as you can't access that side of the river! It's a fantastic sight though and very 'English'.

Another feature that has started to become more common is the square format look to my pictures. This was not a deliberate ploy, they just seem to be framed that way by the time I have finished cropping to my content. My theory is basically to keep in the frame what is interesting and that normally means cutting quite big chunks off the side. I know there are some photographers who present their pictures exclusively in the square format and while I would never be that restricted, it definitely is an interesting dimension to use.


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  2. Thank you very much for the comment Stephina, it very much appreciated!