Sunday, February 26, 2012

Port of Liverpool

Today is a big day, not for me personally but my beloved football team Liverpool FC are playing in the League Cup Final at Wembley. I will be there this afternoon, in fact am spending nearly all weekend in London in anticipation and aftermath of the big game. So while today's blog maybe be brief, I decided to post a picture from Liverpool, this being the Port of Liverpool building, right on the sea front (where else would a 'port' building be I guess!). I took this image while visiting Liverpool last September and the tourist season still seemed to be in full swing - many people enjoying the day by the front soaking up the atmosphere and eating ice creams (including me!).

Hopefully by the time I blog again on Tuesday, I will be in a great mood as Liverpool would have won the cup final, but you just never know with football. As well as going to the game, this picture is me doing my bit for Liverpool today!


  1. Have a great day Pete! I hope the result works out for you.

    Nicely processed image by the way!

  2. Hi Pete. Discovered you on HDR Spotting and have enjoyed spending some time on your sites this morning. Good stuff. I know what you mean on the Windsor station shot - you go to shoot the castle and something entirely different is what jumps out at you when you look back at the photos. Must say the church with the red door is just a charming shot. I like your HDR technique, and I appreciate the honest, clear explanations you attach to your shots on HDRS. Congratulations on the book, Best to you.

    Bill Murray

  3. Nice angle on the iconic building Pete.
    Good result for your team yesterday although they made hard work of it for you! Thought Cardiff put up a great fight.

  4. Thank you for all the comments!

    Thanks for your thoughts Bill, I've been trying to work on a couple of the Windsor Castle shots today and they still aren't really doing anything for me! Thank you for the kind praise, look forward to looking round your website.

    Tim and Marc, yeah the football did go our way but as you say Marc, why do we have to do it the hard way! It was a great day out though and yeah chuffed to bits with the score.

  5. The photo is so fabulous source of inspiration for me.

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