Tuesday, February 7, 2012

London Summer Fountain

The summertime hey, seems so far away now but alas we are slowly moving towards it! It makes it extra difficult to remember what the summer is like when you are going through a bit of cold snap like England is at the moment. I took this picture during a stunning summer's afternoon in London last year, while I had some spare time before catching my train home. This building (which I assume is nowhere famous?) is down by Waterloo station and many commuters must pass it everyday going to and from the station. I always like seeing how water features such as fountains will look when you put them through the HDR works. 9  times out of 10 I'm always impressed. I had to poke my camera between the iron-barred fence to get this picture and then try to get a shot wide enough to capture nearly all the fountain which I think I just about achieved. The sun was a great height at this time as well, allowing me to try to position the camera to capture the sun gleaming in one of the top windows.

It seems quite rare now that I choose to use all 3 exposures I usually take for an HDR scene, this again was processed using just 2 shots. After Photomatix, I worked in Lightroom for a bit and used Topaz Adjust to bring more detail out, which especially helped with the fountain.


  1. Pete, that is a fantastic, warm feeling shot. Reminds me of warmer times! Well done!

  2. This building is apartments believe it or not! It used to be an old office building until developed in the mid 90's.
    Nice capture by the way!

  3. Thank you for the comments, they are much appreciated as always!

    Special thanks for the additional info Marc! Good to have someone who knows London well on here to fill in the blanks.

  4. With the imminent snow about to land this is a great image to warm the extremities Pete!

    Nice capture of the range with just two brackets. Well done.