Thursday, June 21, 2012

Like a Setting Sun

And now for something completely different! I always try and state emphatically when I post a non-HDR picture on here, that my goal in photography was never to be exclusive or predominantly HDR and the thought always still occupies my mind. A lot of people who get into photography these days do naturally find themselves gaining a particular passion for HDR, because it provides something new and interesting in the modern photographic world. I still think most people gain a passion for photography first and then develop an enthusiasm for HDR afterwards. My goal has always been to produce pictures that are somewhat artistic and HDR is obviously a great method for achieving that, but if I get the look by other means, then I'm still just as happy.

One of the advantages of having my D700 and the F2.8 lens is that it allows me to get reasonably close to a particular subject and create a great bokeh effect in the background. I took this picture while out rambling along the hills of Combe in Berkshire, mainly famous for the gallows that once stood there. It's a fantastic place to get good sunsets and that was my aim on Monday night. The sunset itself was a bit hit and miss, there was a fantastic glow of red below the sun, but the mist and the clouds were too thick to get a stunning effect. Therefore, I tried something different. I always remember there being good opportunities to get close up to the wheat grass and use the sunlight to highlight the effect, as this early Flickr picture of mine shows. The sun wasn't that bright on Monday but I still tried to get some abstract shot of the glow of the sun in the background behind the moving wheat grass. What you see today is the result of that and this was processed entirely in Lightroom.


  1. WOW! This is a superb picture Pete. I can see this adorning a living room wall.

    I agree with your first paragraph. I am going to try to post more non-HDR stuff in the future. I think it can make you a bit lazy.


  2. Beautiful image, Pete!
    I could not agree more, creating something that is artistic and pleasing to the eye is a great goal. Obtaining that goal by using several methods is a definite plus.

    Love this awesome image, man.

  3. Thanks for the comments Tim and Jimi, I very much appreciate your thoughts!

  4. Pete, this is just fantastic. Lovely "macro", although that sun is perfect. Such a peaceful and soothing image, makes me want to sit on my balcony at sunset with a nice tall glass of wine :)