Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Castle Hever

It seems a bit of a 'safe' picture to go for today but nonetheless here is a closeup HDR picture of Hever Castle. I was working on a different picture for a little while but feel like I hit a 'wall' with that one. I'm sure other photographers know what I mean, you process a picture for so long but still can't quite find that something missing from the picture. So rather than post a picture I'm not entirely happy with, I put it to one side to come back to at a later date. More on that should I find that missing something and post that picture! This obviously did not quite pose so many processing headaches, though it took me a while to correct some imbalances with the different areas of the sky. It's an HDR from 2 exposures (0, -2) and processed in Lightroom, Photoshop and Viveza 2.


  1. Know exactly what you mean Pete! The 'wall' of frustration!

    This is a cracker though. Love the details and that reflection. Nice.

  2. Thanks Tim, I did do a slight update to this later in the day as felt my original version was a bit flat and lacked colour in the sky. Hope you still like it!