Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Beautiful Path

Well that's what I remember thinking while I was there anyway! I don't have much time on my hand to write today but here is a new photo as always on a Tuesday. Haven't missed a blog day yet and though sometimes I push myself for time (like today), the photos keep coming. Like the last 2 photos, this one also comes from within the grounds of Hever Castle (I just realised that now and will change that on Thursday!). I've said it on this blog before but Hever really is a stunning place and well worth a visit. The castle is superb but for me the highlight are the magnificent gardens. This path and these flowers are part of that magnificence.


  1. Making time to post regularly....yes Pete know all about that!

    Lovely image today Pete. I like the leading line up the middle separated by the contrasting flowers.

  2. Thanks Tim, despite my short blog, this was a great photo to process and I really enjoyed it. It was great to see all the different options I could use for the flowers and surrounding foliage. Think it's the first time I've used the 'Foliage' filter on Nik Color Efex amongst others!