Sunday, July 29, 2012 Launch

Yes here it is, the announcement I promised last weekend, my brand new official website. Finding a website package for displaying my photography has been as challenging as finding great photo opportunities themselves. Some of you may know that as well as this blog, I do have another photography website and though I have previously termed that my 'official website', I have now decided that all my efforts will now go into, which I feel is the website I've been wanting to create for all these months. I built it using the service, which I wholeheartedly recommend to other photographers, and though I don't want to turn this into a commercial for them, they have provided all the tools I have wanted to create a photography website. It integrates beautifully with this blog page (something my site couldn't do) and I am very excited to move forward with my photography with both my new official website and this blog.

So what's unique about this new website? Well, I figure that people come to a photographer's website mainly to look at photo's, so that's what the essence of is. On the home page are the 7 galleries that make up the pictures collection. These 7 galleries are all in different sub-genres of photography and reflect my best work in these fields. I will attempt to upload new pictures as often as possible but the essence of these galleries will always be my very best photos. If people like the photos so much they want to purchase them, there is a link to my RedBubble page, though I do need to complete adding all the photos at my RedBubble page at the moment. There is also a Latest page, an About me page and also a page dedicated to videos of my photography. Of course, like any website there is also a Contact page. I have many planned additions for the website, so the website will simply grow from how it is at the moment.

I would really appreciate any feedback and comments regarding my site, what you like or indeed don't like. I really would like to hear any good ideas and suggestions people have, so I can therefore implement new features and functions.

All that's left to say is why not take a look at it yourself, at! Then leave a comment of what you think about it on this blog.

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