Thursday, July 19, 2012

Time for a Clean

Now I know very well that one of the last places you would expect to find a photographer looking for inspiration is within a sewage works plant but that is exactly where this picture was taken. It's actually looking into the sewage works (in Thatcham) as I had managed to fit my camera through the fence. Even I would not really want to wander that far into this location because you can smell it from miles away as it is. Sometimes I don't know what draws me to a particular scene such as this one. I used to naively think that photography was about all about capturing beauty in all it's forms and though that certainly is a big motivator for many photographers (including myself), what about capturing something ugly, derelict or even disturbing? That's what motivates many other photographers as well and I think I am quite attracted to the derelict or abandonment of some places. Although I'm not suggesting this cleaning facility (I think it is anyway) at the sewage plant is unused, it hardly looks like it is well looked after either.

I've mentioned before a book that really inspired me with my HDR photography and that is Practical HDR by David Nightingale. Some of the urban and derelict scenes he captured in that book have definitely influenced me with some of my photography and I think that is why I am attracted to capture pictures such as this.


  1. Wow Pete that is an awesome sky going on there! I like your comments too. I agree. Everything has a right to be photographed.

    The good, the bad and the plain ugly are all out there waiting for us to point a lens in their direction. Whether people appreciate the image the way we captured it is another matter! Its all subjective.......

  2. Thanks Tim, appreciate your thoughts as always! Completely agree, you shouldn't worry about how other people will view a picture against what initially drew you to capture the scene in the first place.