Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome to West Woodhay House

And welcome to my blog in 2014! I have already shared my thoughts on moving into the new year in my previous blog post, so I will not dwell upon that today.

I have previously posted a photo of West Woodhay House on this blog, but this one is much more of a close-up shot. Although the summer seems everything to be yearned for after Christmas is over, and the new year celebrations have passed, I often look at pictures like this (taken in June 2013) and remind myself, what a typical summer in the UK looks like. Now we did get a lot of warm weather during the summer of 2013, but not on the day I took this picture. It is an HDR image from 3 exposures, and though I did consider replacing the sky with a different one, I decided to keep the mood of the picture, and 'enhance' the clouds that were present.

I have gone for a bit of colour variety, as well as the features surrounding the house as well. After I merged the HDR together in Photomatix, I processed this primarily in Lightroom and Photoshop, with a dash of Topaz Adjust as well. I am back at work today (like I'm sure many others are), but at least the weekend is not far away. See you on Saturday for a new picture!

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