Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rock N Roll Tree

Ok, so yes this is perhaps the strangest picture you will ever see on this website. I processed it many, many months ago and was never sure if I would actually display it on any of my websites but finally I've thought what the heck! I took this as I was walking to the Battle Proms event at Highclere Castle last July. I decided not to drive to the event, which meant I had to walk along a road that leads through some wooded area leading up to the castle grounds. It was during this walk that I noticed this tree on the right hand side that had carved into it 'SHADOWS, CLIFF, BEATLES'. I am still puzzled to this day why on earth someone felt the need to carve these names into the tree, unless it was some pot-smoking 60 year old trying to reclaim his youth (on a tree!). I can't possibly believe it has been on there since the 60's but I guess I'll never know! Oh well, as I said I know it's bizarre and I just thought I'd share it with you.

If I'm honest, it's appeared on this blog partly down to my lack of new photos, which I have finally decided to do something about. I have been lacking a bit of inspiration recently but no excuses, I'll be out and about somewhere this weekend, just haven't figured out where yet. I may post another 'classic' this Sunday, as there so many more I want to post on here. Other than that though, should have some new pictures up from Tuesday onwards. Have a great weekend!


  1. Awesome shot Pete. Check out my London photos for some inspiration!! I loved that city!

    1. Thanks for the comment Adam, it is much appreciated! I will certainly be checking out those pictures!