Thursday, March 1, 2012

Up in the Sky

This Saturday 3rd March I have a small exhibition of my work at the Newbury Town Hall. It will be a smaller affair than the exhibition I had in Hungerford last October but nonetheless it has many advantages, being in a town centre location on what will hopefully be a typically busy Saturday. If you are in the local area, do pop in and have a look at the artwork, it will largely be the same pieces that were on show at the October exhibition, though the prices will be a bit cheaper! To be honest I'm not looking at it as a sales opportunity, just another opportunity for more people to see my work and introduce them to HDR in the UK. If you are interested in popping over please click the link for the address:

Today's picture is one I took last Summer while over in Poland for 2 weeks. It was the night I was staying in a shed by Lake Otumuchow. We found this field quite close to the lake as the sun was going down and despite the field and area itself being quite featureless, the sun and the clouds were quite a sight in the sky which I had to picture. This would have probably come out better if I'd have had a tripod with me but for a handheld shot I think it came out ok. This is an HDR from 2 shots, though for the -2 exposure, I reduced the exposure down by another 2 stops in Lightroom to capture more of the colour in the sky and therefore I created this HDR from 3 images.

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