Thursday, March 15, 2012

St. Paul's Revisited

I have posted this picture on my previous blog and Flickr before but unlike my 'Holy Murano' picture a little while ago, this isn't just a 'make a couple of tweaks here' job, this is a fully redeveloped, remastered picture. As I said, I first 'published' (in the internet sense) it sometime last year and it got quite a good reception but truthfully I was never satisfied with it myself. There was too much noise and distortion in the sky and it was always my plan to start again with it after that.

So this is my new version. It's much more subtle than the last attempt and less extreme on the saturation as well. I am indeed much happier with it and this is the version I will use from here forward. It is of course the spectacular St. Paul's Cathedral plus Millennium Bridge. It was taken late one summers afternoon in London last year, while I had some time to spend after a training course. I created this iteration by using just 2 bracketed shots for the HDR and I think this helped reduce all the problems I had before with it.


  1. Were you in a boat or did you have a good zoom lens when you shot this?
    I like this a lot Pete and the processing is spot on.

    1. Thanks for the comment Marc. No I wasn't in a boat but the lens I was using was the Nikon kit lens which is 18mm - 105mm. I checked the source pictures and this was only shot at 42mm so not an incredible zoom need to get this picture.

  2. Beautiful image, Pete. I love the tonal and architectural contrasts. Very nice composition.