Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ad Land London

So hopefully now my busy period that began with moving property less than a month ago and culminating with me being best man at my mate's wedding on Saturday, is over. I know life doesn't really work like that and just when you expect a break something else comes along, but for now it seems I will have more time to focus on photography, get back to putting a lot of effort into this website and seeing much more over what everyone else has been doing.

Today's picture is of perhaps one of the key advertising spots in London, if not the country, which of course is Piccadilly Circus. This was taken a little later than my previous Piccadilly picture a few weeks ago but is another attempt to capture the hustle and bustle of London at night. I know it's not perfect and if I could have captured more of the car speeding past at the bottom I would have, but until I purchase a full frame camera, I'll just have to work with the limitations of my D90!

Amidst all the advertising that appears in this picture, there is a saying (and I didn't notice this until after I'd processed this) which is 'We will either find a way, or make one'. It dates back to Hannibal and has been one of my mottos in life ever since I heard it a few years ago.

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