Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Welcome to Newbury

Having moved into my new apartment now, I have one more task left before I anticipate my busy period being over. That is, on Saturday I will be Best Man to one of my mates at his wedding. It is a great honour to do this and the first time I have been a best man but like most of them around this time, nearly all my thoughts are on my speech that I will have to give. I am working on it but naturally want to spend as much time as possible to make sure it's really good and dare I say it, funny. That's the best man's job really though isn't it? Although I'm really looking forward to this weekend, I will be very happy that on Sunday I can concentrate once more on having much more time to myself and photography. I'm hoping that I will have a new picture to post on Thursday but Sunday will almost certainly be another one of my 'classics'.

Today's picture is one I took as I was about to travel to London a couple of weeks ago. This is just outside the Newbury Railway Station and welcomes people to this rural town once they get off the train. As the train station is actually at the end of this road to the right, I can't help but feel that the sign should face that way but I'm sure there are reasons why it does not. This is a HDR picture from 3 exposures with an extra exposure created out of the -2 exposure to capture more of the sun and the colour of the early morning sky.


  1. An 'everyday' scene Pete but processed beautifully. Must have been an early start!

  2. Thanks Tim! Yes it was an early start, 7am train to London. I know I should be used to early starts as a photographer but it's really not my time!