Sunday, April 8, 2012

Apple Market

I was in London about 10 days ago and as 21st century as I am these days (!) I 'tweeted' for some thoughts about where I could take some pictures in the capital (of course not including the obvious places). One suggestion was to head to Covent Garden, which was quite fortunate as I was only a 5 minute walk from there. When I got there, I wasn't sure to be honest. Covent Garden didn't strike me as an HDR place, it's more for people photography, which isn't really my thing (sorry!). However, I've tried to capture the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden while in this particular location, the Apple Market.

If you read enough about HDR, you will eventually hear some advice that says not to HDR people. Now I disagree with this advice, as I think it can really add to an HDR scene. It's true you need to be more careful while HDR processing people, so use layer masking a lot in Photoshop with your original source files, to help get that natural look back where it's needed. I used layer masking in this picture as well to bring more colour back in people's clothes. I used Topaz Adjust for this as well. I've tried to be as faithful to the HDR look as possible though, so was careful not to over layer mask with the crowd. Therefore, it's good to HDR people but be aware, it's a bit of a fine line between looking good and looking unnecessary.

Oh I almost forgot, Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Love the processing! Great shot.

  2. Nice capture Pete. It's funny, the only shot I have of Covent Garden I have is of this place! Great minds think alike!

  3. Thanks for the comments Eden and Marc!

    I guess great minds do think alike Marc! As I said in the blog, it's not really an HDR place Covent Garden but I guess we know how to spot an opportunity!