Monday, January 21, 2013

From a View to a Cathedral

First of all, I apologise if some people had problems viewing the slideshow I posted yesterday. I had to reload it a couple of times due to those advertising popups that come up, but after all that, I've realised I can't do anything about them and they come up anyway. I think they come up automatically if you have 'third-party content' on your video (which I do on that one with Enya's song), therefore next time I'll try to use something original, so the pop ups don't well, pop up. I guess you'll just have to click them off for now.

Today's picture is another I took of Winchester Cathedral over the Christmas/New Year period. This is looking down from the altar section towards the end of the cathedral. You can see their giant Christmas tree at the far side. Instead of the usual unsharp mask sharpening used in photoshop, I went for the high pass sharpening option. I have used it in pictures before, but never felt that blown away by it, but I think for quite detailed HDR's, it is the way to go. I will write more about sharpening in the near future and why it is not something to drive yourself crazy over.


  1. Cathedrals are great places for photographers aren't they?

    I recently visited Bristol Cathedral and captured some brackets. Look out for some upcoming pictures!

  2. I do miss the architecture of the British & European Churches & Cathedrals. There are a few nice ones here in the States, including the National Cathedral in Washington which I need to revisit now that it has reopened after the August 2011 earthquake.

  3. Many thanks for the comments Tim and Mark, they are much appreciated. Yes I completely agree, Cathedrals are great for photography.