Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Day

Happy new year to one and all! I am posting this blog rather late today, as have been out walking (without a camera) in the beautiful new year sunshine we have had in England today. This time last year I wrote a blog called 'Ambitions for 2012' and I think I will discuss my plans for the new year on my next blog, which I will post this weekend.

Today's picture is of Winchester Cathedral, taken whilst visiting there last week. This is perhaps a rather standard facing shot of the cathedral, but one that I feel really benefits from the HDR treatment, due to the character and details that make up the cathedral.

Before I get to my plans for the new year this weekend, my priority with this blog lies with giving it a new look and perhaps a new name. I know I only changed it a couple of months ago, but still feel like it is a bit of an 'interim' name for a blog. I'm thinking hard, but want to give it a new, accurate and original name for the future.

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