Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Lights of London

Today's picture was taken between the Christmas and new year period, whilst visiting London with friends (and wife). This was taken in the Tower Bridge area of London, and shows the night lights over the area where the new Shard's building, the new tallest building in Europe lies. I'm not actually sure if it is finished yet (?), but I know you can now visit/work there. This was shot at about ISO 1000, which is less than I thought I would have to (the D700 handles noise and low light very well), but I was helped by being able to rest my camera on the fence down by the river. I also took some low light HDR pictures of Tower Bridge itself, but probably due to the light, the results just weren't good enough. I am still yet to get round to writing up my plans for the year, but one of my main aims is to be a better 'editor', as Scott Kelby would say. If it means posting less frequently then fine, but I won't put up any picture that's just ok or good, I have to really believe in it.

I spoke last week of wanting a new look for this website, and though I tried a few ideas afterwards, it became an absolute disaster. I wasn't happy with the way it insisted on displaying, and therefore I retreated and tried to go back to my old look (at least for now). However, this wasn't playing ball with me either, so I'm sorry, I'm stuck with this kind of makeshift temporary look, until I finally figure out a good new look.


  1. Hey Pete!

    I like the vibrancy in this picture! I believe The Shard's viewing platform opens soon so might be a great spot for some images!

    Sorry to hear about your site redesign issues. I had some as well prior to my change but eventually settled on a theme I found for the Wordpress platform. I think you use Blogger don't you?

    Have you considered WP?

  2. Hi Tim, Thanks for the comment! Glad you like the 'vibrancy'. This is a picture I went back to a couple of days after it was initially finished and I did 2 things to it: Firstly, adjust the blue curve level in Lightroom and then increase the blue luminosity level again in Lightroom. This helped make the lights come alive a lot more and give me the look I was after.

    I used WP for my thenightboat.com website I used to have, but despite all my efforts was constantly spammed, bugged and everything else that goes with it. My web hosts blamed this all on me and put threatening messages on my site for all to see, so I simply shut it down and closed my account with them (I get at least 1 email a month asking me to 'come back'). Blogger has given me far less problems but is quite limited with it's 'looks' and functionality. I'm thinking of just using the blog feature on my HalewoodPhoto.com site in future, but I do like having a separate website and blog site.