Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Belfast City Hall

After my relatively provocative post the other day, I've decided I'm not going to comment on other people's methods on my blog posts anymore. I still stick by what I said but I know as well that what will be will be. If other photographers want to raise their profiles by whatever means, then I shouldn't really judge them but my post was mainly about the divide between success and art and what each individual person is motivated by.

Today's picture is one I took last September while visiting Belfast. Belfast City Hall is probably the most famous building in Belfast and was completed in 1906. There are many statues adorning the building but the most prominent one at the front is of Queen Victoria. It's an HDR from 3 exposures and I also used Topaz Adjust to bring out more details of the hall. I used Lightroom 4 extensively as well, as always.


  1. Provocative it wasn't Pete. Stimulating it was! That is what debate is all about. You are entitled to say what you want, people are entitled to agree or disagree. Keep putting it out there!

    Another great picture here. Great detail clouds! Even the foreground railings add a certain something. Nice one.

    1. Thanks Tim, I really appreciate that comment of support. I think you are on the same wavelength as me as you know I did not remotely intend it to be provocative, just to encourage debate. As I said on the previous comments, I felt a bit guilty afterwards and that's perhaps where I felt I'd been a bit provocative but I really don't worry about it now. As you said, I'm only writing my thoughts, I always encourage people to do that!