Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Into the Venetian Unknown

It's got to be a very brief blog I'm afraid today. Just one of those busy moments that I can't do a lot about but can hopefully make up for at the end of the week. Without trying to put today's blog down though, this is of course unmistakably Venice. It was one of the hundreds of pictures I took of gondolas in action while I was out there (well what else sums up Venice so perfectly?) and this one is about to go under the spectacular Rialto Bridge. I processed this picture entirely in Lightroom 4. A quick thought I will share on non-HDR processing; I love HDR and am of course one of the people striving to make a name for it in the UK but I always remember basic fundamental photographic principles (if there are any?) as well. For instance, HDR would never work with this photo because the mystery is in the shadow detail to the right. Although of course you can still use shadow detail in HDR pictures, it is more sensible to process pictures like this as single images, rather than reveal too much shadow detail which may spoil the picture.


  1. I agree Pete, shadows are good to show sometimes. In photography and especially HDR there is a tendency to fill in shadows and here is a perfect example of leaving things be.

  2. Love this picture Pete. The sense of mystery as they move from light to dark is great! I go along with your thoughts on HDR. Much as we practice it and publish our results I think it is essential not to lose sight of 'normal' images and how to process them to best effect.

  3. Thanks for the comments Gentlemen, fantastic points and glad we seem to be on the same wavelength with this one!