Thursday, May 3, 2012


As I promised, here is a 'classic' (self-professed of course) from last year, which I'm sure most people will recognise as the London Eye. It is one of my more important pictures though, as this is one that has sold and is sometimes referred to by people who have seen my work as one of their favourites. I certainly hope it goes to show that you can get good daytime HDR pictures as well, it's just a case of using a bit of creativity and of course covering the necessary range! Perhaps it would have been a bit more accomplished if I had managed to get more of the London Eye in the picture but that wouldn't make it perfect, as towards the bottom of the picture, the wheel is broken up by the entry platform. Photography of course is not about trying to fit every bit of a subject in the picture either, just that people know what you are trying to represent and capture, and in that sense, I wouldn't change anything about this picture.

I did mention the other day about having a lack of new material recently and that has coincided with a lot of thoughts about some gear upgrade, so watch this space! In the meantime, it's my responsibility now to go out and find more potential photographic moments and that I fully intend to do.

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