Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Crosstown Wroclaw

So the weather is finally looking like it is starting to turn into dare I suggest sunshine in England and I will hopefully soon have some pictures of glorious summer days and heavenly summer evenings to decorate this blog with. I did go out yesterday evening to take some shots and though I did get a few, I've decided to hold back on the immediate processing and perhaps wait until Thursday to share one. It was mainly as a scouting mission to be honest. As I have recently moved house to the other side of Newbury, I've been looking at locations I haven't seen before to get inspiration from, for when the skies are looking better. I got lost on my run along the canal the other day but it had the positive effect of giving me many ideas for photos when I return with a camera. I would just like to thank though, the people that were having a barbecue at the Thatcham Nature Discovery Centre on Sunday. Having to run (limp) past the glorious smell of a barbecue that I was not invited to, was not what I needed at the end of a tiring run!

Anyway, to try and get back the international feel (??) to this blog, I decided to post a picture from the Polish city of Wroclaw, which I took last year whilst visiting. I'm getting married in Poland this September in the hard to pronounce village of Krzeszow, which is a good hour or perhaps more from the city of Wroclaw in south west Poland. It is within stunning countryside though and I will post a picture soon of the Basilica we are getting married in, it is an absolutely stunning sight.


  1. Nice work, Pete. Great textures.

  2. Love this scene here, Pete. Nicely processed.

  3. Many thanks for the comments Eden and Jimi! As always, they are much appreciated.