Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Overlooking Newbury

I'm happy to accept the opinion that I'm scraping the barrel now for new photographs because it's quite true. Although being the town I live nearest to, Newbury is in my own opinion perhaps featuring a bit to much on this website. Without going into much detail today, this is an aerial view of the town, pictured from the bridge that connects the Wharf with the new Parkway Shopping Centre. The stretch of water is the Kennet & Avon canal.

I know I need to go out and take more pictures but perhaps just as importantly, I need to go back through all my pictures in Lightroom and find some gems I have perhaps overlooked. I never intend to force myself into going and getting new pictures as quickly as possible, therefore Thursday's picture will be a 'classic' picture from last year. Hope you are all still with me recently though???

I just realised, it's May 1st today. May is always a good time and generally one of my favourite months, so I'm sure good things will come...


  1. I know what you mean about new material Pete. I haven't shot any new landscape photos for a while, although I have a large backlog of unprocessed shots from my travels of the last few years.
    I like the light you've captured in this scene and the top of the church spire gives it that unmistakable English town look!

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Marc. You are always coming out with new landscapes from many places, so no you don't seem to be struggling with backlog issues yet! This picture would have been a bit better and given it more of an English town look if the tree wasn't covering the spire of the town hall on the left but what can you do hey! Thanks again for the comment.