Sunday, May 27, 2012

An English Summer Scene

You probably wouldn't know it but this is another picture from my day spent at Hever Castle last week. I mentioned the other day that as well as the castle, Hever has some spectacular landscape surrounding it and I hope this picture demonstrates that. I was very lucky to visit on a beautiful sunny day (hey, I live in England!) but the weather was my inspiration to go on this particular day. The bright weather made it quite difficult to capture some HDR pictures but it was still a fantastic opportunity to capture some great scenes of the English summer time.

This isn't an HDR photo but a single exposure processed in Lightroom and then Nik Color Efex Pro using the Glamour Glow filter. I wanted it to represent the English countryside in the summer but I dialled back the vibrance of the colours as my original version I felt was a bit too green. So this way I hope to have given it a more artistic look which is the aim of most of my pictures.


  1. Hey Pete!

    A lovely summertime image! The river dissects the picture really effectively and the reflections add interest.

    Lovely 'glow' from Nik CEP.


  2. Thanks for the comment Tim! Yeah I like 'Glamour Glow' but I try not to use it on loads of pictures as I know it can be overly used in HDR photographs. Still, it's great at adding an attractive edge and seems to help 'uncluster' a picture, which probably makes no sense but I just mean it adds more focus to the key elements of a photo.