Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ambitions for 2012

First of all, I’d just like to say a big welcome to my new blog ‘The Photographic World of Pete Halewood’! I consider this blog page an extension of my new website petehalewood.com, so hope you get a chance to visit there as well. Today is the official launch of both sites, though they are both work in progresses. More about that another time though...
So 2011 is gone and 2012 is here. Despite 2011 ending on a rather sour note for me with the loss of my previous website (thenightboat.com), in all it was a great year and of course I want to build on that in 2012. My first priority which I am about to do is buy a long overdue tripod and a new lens - in this case the very popular Sigma 10-20mm one. It’s perhaps an oldie now but it’s always been highly rated and if it does the job I need it for then I won’t mind. I spent most of my photographic investment in 2011 on buying software and now that I am happy that I have all the tools I need, I must concentrate more on the photography itself. I’m a firm believer in getting the picture in the camera, not on the computer. Get that right and the post-processing element is a lot easier and a lot more fun.
My plans are bigger than just a new lens though, the Sigma lens is only 1 of several lenses I’d like to own, and if I start to sell more pictures (far from easy) then I will invest this straight back into photography. I will have to check my dates but I have another exhibition booked for a single day in Newbury Town Hall on Saturday 2nd or 3rd March. It will be a smaller affair than my last exhibition at The Bear Hotel in Hungerford, but will still give me a great opportunity for people to see my work. I am getting married this year in September, and with saving for that and a house, traveling abroad might be a rarity this year. I’m ok with that as I believe you can get some stunning pictures if you get to know your local landscape but it will be sad I that I don’t get to go away much. Oh well, might have to plan the honeymoon somewhere inspiring....
I should say at this point a big Happy New Year to everyone! I don’t intend the blog posts in future to be this long but hey, it’s the launch! Today’s picture is of the British Museum in London, somewhere I got to walk round a little while in London for the company I work for’s Christmas Do in December. Wouldn’t say I came with many (if any) great pictures that weekend, though after a while processing this one, I was happy with the look I got. Next blog post on Thursday! As with my previous website, I welcome all comments, feedback, discussions, issues etc...What’s your photography ambition for 2012?


  1. Happy New Year, and Happy New Blog - though I admit to being confused by seeing all of the 2011 posts (unless they're imported perhaps?).

    The Sigma 10-20 is lovely, and I think I use it for 90% of my shots. It's also reasonably priced and I certainly feel I've got my money out of it over the past year.

    2012 - well I guess I hope to start selling a few things as well, and like you I feel that any cash made would be thrown straight back into photography. It's about time this hobby started to pay for itself :)

  2. Hi Pete! Welcome back - looking good! Nice image to start.

    I am hoping to go full frame sometime this year. The 5D MkII is so tempting but I am gonna hold out to see what happens with the rumoured 5D MKIII. The Sigma 10-20mm is high on my list too! In fact there might be a trip to B&H in New York next week..... :-)

    I am exploring the Red Bubble option at the moment. I would love to start selling some work to help offset some of the hobby cost! We'll see.

    I hope 2012 see's my blog grow further as it did in 2011.

    Cheers, Tim

  3. Thanks for the comments guys and happy new year to you!

    Michael, Yes the pre-2012 blogs are old blogs from my old website. I had a lot of problems with the web hosts so decided to close it but managed to use some of the blogs on here which I imported from Google+. I was posting pre-launch to add some photos really.

    Great to see you back Tim! I guess it's a lot of our aims to sell more and it is a tricky one to ponder. Who buys photography? Would I buy a picture I like? Where do I find people who 'buy' pictures? I think about these a lot and I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to make some money from photography. It's not a cheap hobby as you both say!

  4. Nice image Pete and glad to see you up and running properly! Good news on another exhibition.

    I definitely recommend the Sigma too. I bought it last year and I felt it was a massive step up from my 18-55mm kit lens. Get it, you know it makes sense!

    As for my ambitions for 2012? I am hoping to break into the wedding photography field and have a few already booked for the summer. It's a competitive business but could be a good earner. I have been studying the art of (and practicing on real subjects of course!) portraiture and wedding photography for a few months now. Also going on a photography workshop in March so lots to look forward to.

  5. Thanks for the comment Marc! Seems like the Sigma lens is a winner! I remember you saying you bought it last year. Good luck with the wedding photography this year, I hope it's a great success and I'm sure will be a good earner.

  6. Really nice piece Pete. Happy New Year!

  7. Thanks Eden and Happy New Year to you! Just had a look at your website, it's fantastic! Great to see you on here.