Sunday, January 8, 2012

Belfast City Hall

I was very lucky last year to visit 3 countries I had never been to before - Italy, Czech Republic and finally Northern Ireland. I don't think I have been to The Netherlands before either, but driving through it doesn't really count as having visited it. I still work full time in customer services for a pharmaceutical company and one of the perks of that job is that sometimes we do have company outings to other countries. On this occasion I was helping out our sales rep in Belfast and was delighted to get the opportunity to wonder round Belfast for a couple of hours, before catching a flight home.

I managed to fit quite a lot into that couple of hours, walking all the way up to the Titanic Dock amongst other places to get some pictures, but my journey that day began here in the city centre. Belfast City Hall is over 100 years old now and is a fantastic piece of architecture. It's very much still a working building, being the base of Belfast City Council, but is obviously very popular with tourists as well and apparently office workers relaxing at lunchtimes.

Spent most of yesterday in and around The New Forest, trying the new sigma lens and also my new tripod. Had a fantastic day, I actually felt like a real landscape photographer for the first time - lugging around a massive tripod, while carefully planning and taking shots. Haven't processed any yet, but hope to have some good ones from it!


  1. I look forward to seeing the new shots! What kind of tripod did you get?? I have a great combo I use for low weight/heavy duty I can tell you about if you would like. Lovely shot from Ireland. I have not been to Belfast but would love to one day. Nice work.

  2. Thanks for the comments, as always they are much appreciated!

    Adam, the tripod I went for is one from called The Adrian. Here is a link to it:

    It wasn't amazingly fast to setup and fold up again, but then I was used to using a ridiculously basic tripod before that and I'm sure I will get more use to this one. In terms of functionality, this one is superb and I'm glad I got it.

    Would love to hear about your setup!

  3. Nice shot Pete. I remember sitting on a bench from where you took this shot, last summer. Look for ward to your new Sigma shots.