Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Chance to Grow

Anyone who used to visit my previous website will know of a thing I get now and then called 'Titles-block' where I stare at a picture for so long and still can't come up with a name. I even drafted in my younger brother to help stare at this picture with me and think of a title. In the end, the name 'A Chance to Grow' sprang into my head and despite sounding like something out of the self-help section in Waterstone's, I've decided to go with it.

This was taken just this pass Monday at Greenham Common in Newbury. It was a bitingly cold evening but the sunset was good, and due to the amount of rain that had fallen that day, this random puddle round a growing tree (I actually think it's a gorse bush) presented itself. It was a much more interesting shot than some of the other pictures I took, which were just of grass and a nice sunset in the background. Greenham Common is famous for being the site of the abandoned US Airbase, a heated topic of discussion in the early 80's especially, when they kept some missiles there. It was outside this place those hippies protested for years. Towards the very back of this picture you can still see one of the old airbase buildings. The Americans left some 15-20 years ago now and the whole common area is open to the public.

Good news!! The Sigma 10-20mm lens has arrived! Thanks for everyone who commented on the last post, reassuring me I would not get buyer's remorse.


  1. The Gorse bush works really well in the foreground and compliments that fantastic sunset.
    Bet you can't wait to go out and shoot with your new ultra wide angle lens?

  2. Lovely photo. Love the detailed reflection, colors, and I agree, it is a very interesting shot! Nice work.

  3. Many thanks for the comments!

    Been shooting out with new wide angle lens today in The New Forest, so hope to have some good results!